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By Jocelyn Noveck The Associated Press

Top Tony moments: Miranda’s tearful sonnet, Corden’s antics

NEW YORK — As presenter Barbra Streisand noted, “tonight our joy is tinged with sorrow” and she wasn’t the only one making reference to the horrific Orlando shootings during the Tony Awards ceremony. But the night was also a celebration of the power of theatre to bring joy. And there much joy for the cast and creators of the wildly popular “Hamilton,” which won a whopping 11 Tonys.

Chef Eric Ripert recalls uphill climb to culinary greatness

NEW YORK — When Eric Ripert turned 18, he had a crisis of confidence. He was working in Paris at the famed La Tour D’Argent, a grueling first step on the journey from his childhood in the mountains of Andorra to where he is now one of the most admired chefs in the world, leading Manhattan’s elegant Le Bernardin for more than 20 years.