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Jessica George

Strange light seen in night sky

Was it a bird? A plane? Superman?

Perhaps a weather balloon, or possibly the new drone that will be patrolling the Canada-U.S. border from above?

These questions have been running through Bill Morrison Jr.’s mind ever since he saw something flashing in the night sky to the south of his Alberton home that only can be labelled an unidentified flying object.

Strumming away

A group of youth gathered at the Circle of Life building on Mowat Avenue here last night to show off the guitar skills they’ve learned over the last 10 weeks to their family and friends. Both the Akwe:go and Li’l Eagles groups participated in this music program, which received an $8,000 boost earlier this year through the Moffat Family Fund.

Holiday treats

Clara Badiuk was all smiles as she picked out a cake at the Church of the Holy Spirit’s Christmas tea and bake sale Saturday afternoon. The festivities also included door prizes, complimentary gifts, and dainties.

Poinsettia fundraiser

Alverne Boresiuk, left, picked up a poinsettia this morning from Donna Lowey at The Christmas Store as part of a Fort Frances High School senior band fundraiser for its upcoming trip to Italy during the March Break. The festive plant costs $12, with half of the proceeds going to help bring the band one step closer to meeting its fundraising goal.