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Jamie Mountain

Ice show 9

All aboard! Ashlynn Loney led the way while Georgia Wigdor, Lily Wreggitt, and Mya Wrolstad followed suit in perfect unison to the theme of “Transportation Revolution.”

Ice show 10

Ellianna Jacobsen, left, Peyton Jourdain, Jordyn Seguin, and Erica Lemelin linked hands and showed off their fancy specs during their “Eyewear Revolution" routine that was part of the Border Skating Club's annual ice show, "Revolutions,” held Saturday night and again Sunday afternoon at the Ice For Kids Arena.

Ice show 6

Makinnley McCormick, left, Halle Johnson, Mya McFarling, McKenna Wreggitt, and Paisley Asselin showed off some great teamwork as they were decked out in hockey jerseys to perform their “Sports Revolution” routine.

Ice show 2

Payton Plante, left, Jett Jacobsen, and Chael Bruyere looked cuddly cute in their outfits as program assistant Awnley Jacobsen gave a helping hand during their “Stuffed Animal Revolution” routine.

Ice show 8

Dominique Lemaire, left, Madison LeBlanc, and Lyla Moen showed that their connection was strong as around and around they went during their “Telephone Revolution” routine.