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Jake Seiner

Inconsistent seams, player behaviour behind home run uptick

SAN DIEGO—The baseballs weren't juiced during a record-setting 2019 regular season, according to a study commissioned by Major League Baseball.

They were just flying farther.

A four-person committee of scientists found that baseballs this year had less drag on average than in previous seasons, contributing to a power surge that resulted in a record number of home runs.

Gaming heavyweights raise $17M for esports network

NEW YORK—A new venture backed by many of video gaming's biggest publishers is unveiling a network that hopes to be to esports what ESPN has been to traditional sports.

VENN is set to launch in 2020 and aims to give the fragmented esports scene a home base for content with higher production value than gamers are used to with online streaming.

Altuve, Stanton capture MVPs awards

NEW YORK—Jose Altuve and the Houston Astros have grown together, enduring an arduous rebuild and coming out the other side among baseball's best.

These days, nobody is standing taller.

Altuve won the American League MVP award yesterday, towering over N.Y. Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge by a wide margin and capping Houston's championship season with another piece of hardware.