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Henry Miller

District youths rewarded with snowshoe hike

A snowshoe hike took place over the weekend for local youths who had earned it.

They had worked hard during the fall and early winter cleaning more than 300 birdhouses, replacing bluebird boxes on existing lines, building wood duck boxes (some of which they placed near beaver ponds, and cutting a hiking trail near Wasaw Lake.

During the trek, the group stopped to eat.

Bluebird numbers way down

This year, bluebird numbers were the lowest they have been since the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club began the project in 1991.

Only 36 pairs successfully fledged their young. In 2006, there were 69 pairs and 55 pairs in 2007.

Several factors contributed to the decline. For instance, many perished in the snowstorm in April and during the cold weather that followed.