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Haley Anderson

Storm damage

Seven-year-old Keiras Morrisseau, above, and her grandmother, Dawn, were watching a movie in their Third Street West home late last night when a tree came crashing into their home due to heavy winds. The duo claimed that the noise was so loud, they had expected to see a vehicle crashed into the home when they looked outside.

Tent trouble

Mother Nature’s wrath has caused problems for Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship organizers once more. Strong winds and heavy precipitation caused the back end of the big tent to keel over onto Front Street during last night’s storm.

Music legend

Award-winning music artist Buffy Sainte-Marie took centre stage under the big tent on Saturday night as the headliner for the “Harmony of Nations” Music Festival. The Canadian music legend was among the 18 artists that performed during the first-annual event, which also included workshops.

Juicy strawberries

Nine-year-old Andrew Hardy and his brother, Sean, six, were eager to take home their ripe strawberries from the Clover Valley Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Organizers invited five local growers to sell their berries in spirit of last week’s “strawberry” theme.

Healthy eats

Volunteers helped pack food boxes at the Métis Hall for the “Healthy Living” food box program yesterday morning. Each of the 234 boxes packaged were filled to the brim with fresh produce, much of it grown locally. Each food box costs $20 and can be paid for on the first Wednesday of the month, before it is available for pick up on the third Wednesday of the month.

Can you dig it?

Nine-year-old Elizabeth Cousineau enjoyed her complimentary sand bucket during the “Do One Thing” campaign event hosted at Lions Park on Tuesday. The campaign, which aims to promote healthy lifestyles and community involvement, encouraged families to partake in a number of activities including blowing bubbles, skipping and relay races.

Raising the roof

Jim Avis helped “Harmony of Nations” co-ordinator Shannon Darby put up the big tent on Tuesday evening in preparation for the event which is slated tomorrow and Saturday. The tent will remain in place at the Sorting Gap Marina until after the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship on July 24-26.

Barn concert

Matt Warry-Smith of Union Duke passionately strummed a ukulele during the Toronto-based folk band’s show last Wednesday night at Cornell Farms in La Vallee in the first of this year’s “barn concert” series.