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To everyone who is stocking up in panic mode causing empty shelves. Please be aware, Friday is Child Tax day, which means a lot of families will be out shopping for food, household items and necessities and things for their babies and children.

Some families rely on child tax day to refill their supplies and stock their cupboards.


This is to address the current panic over COVID-19. It's getting ridiculous. This past week the entire district sold out of toilet paper. Seriously? Why? Because the media reported runs on toilet paper in Australia or somewhere?


I am writing this in response to Councillor Judson's article. This is in support of Lynn Beyak. I do not know this lady. I have never met her, or any of her family, nor have I visited her website. What I am supporting is the truth, along with our right to freedom of speech, both of which we seem to be losing with our present government.


Resolute Forest Products Canada Inc. (RFP) closed its Fort Frances pulp and paper mill in February 2014.

In the latter part of 2014 and early 2015 Expera tried to buy and operate the pulp and paper mill in Fort Frances. However, Expera suspended its efforts to buy this mill as RFP insisted on controlling its wood supply from the Crossroute Forest.