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Dave Ogilvie

Caul triumphant once again

The sound of the chainsaws revving, for many people, signifies the opening of the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s annual fall fair in Emo.

For decades, loggers from across the district have gathered at the fair to demonstrate their skills and to take part in a series of friendly games.

‘Cello and Voice’–a winning combo

Cello and voice are two words which are not normally used in a sentence describing a musical genre, but those who attended the Cornell’s barn concert last Wednesday (Aug. 5) learned first-hand, that recording artist and composer Kevin Fox has indeed created a unique and captivating style which magically combines the traditional cello with the modern sounds of pop music.

Barn concert

Halifax native Kevin Fox was the featured artist at the Cornell Farms barn concert last Wednesday evening. Fox dazzled the crowd with his charismatic voice and his unique, lush and captivating musical tapestry of cello-driven folk/pop.