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By The Culinary Institute Of America The Associated Press

Veggie-filled spring rolls offer the perfect holiday detox

If you are up to your eyeballs in eggnog, you’re probably in desperate need of a detox. And by detox, we mean a truckload of fresh fruits and vegetables prepared as minimally as possible, because you have things to do! And we’re not just talking any vegetables. We’re talking super cruciferous vegetables, full of the good fuel that your body needs to rev up for the new year.

The gift of some mind-blowing cheeses is just a click away

Gift-giving is supposed to be fun, but if you’re an adult, by now you’ve learned that choosing gifts is one of the more stress-inducing aspects of the holiday. Luckily, here at The Culinary Institute of America, we’ve learned a no-fail strategy for gifts that keeps us on the “nice” list.

Christmas Eve the Italian way means fish, fish and more fish

For a holiday so widely celebrated, the traditions surrounding Christmas are as unique as the ornaments that decorate your tree. From decor, songs, stories and gifts, Christmas looks a little bit different in every home across the world, but of course, here at The Culinary Institute of America, we’re especially interested in what’s on the table.

Parsnip and potato latkes with jam make the holidays easy

At The Culinary Institute of America, we are firm believers that fresh food is the best food. That’s why the storeroom at our Hyde Park, New York, campus sends out tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins to all of our kitchen classrooms every day. We like teaching students to use seasonal, fresh ingredients so that the plates they create are flavourful and nourishing.

Step aside, cranberries. Try these Thanksgiving chutneys

If you don’t like cranberries, Thanksgiving is probably your worst nightmare. It’s basically the only time of the year that they make an appearance, and if you don’t eat cranberry sauce, well, why even bother? After all, the undisputed best part of Thanksgiving is assembling the perfect bite of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Scotch stars in this fall cocktail with pear and warm spices

Cold-weather cocktails aren’t limited to eggnogs and mulled ciders. In fact, the flavours of fall and winter can be just as exciting, and even as refreshing, as those beachy concoctions we sip during the summer. And there’s an ingredient you may not have considered that is definitely worth adding to your repertoire ‚Äî scotch.

Enliven the Day of the Dead this year with a rich mole

The Day of the Dead is a holiday observed in Mexico and other Latin American countries that celebrates and honours the memory of deceased loved ones. Falling on Nov. 1, just a day after Halloween celebrations, the holiday shares some of the sentiment of Halloween, but it is a very different occasion.