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By Collin Binkley The Associated Press

Cohen threatened Trump’s schools not to share grades, scores

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump directed his personal attorney at the time to threaten legal action against the colleges and high school he attended if they publicly released his grades or standardized test scores, the attorney, Michael Cohen, told Congress on Wednesday.

Feathered foes: Resurgent turkeys clash with human neighbours

BOSTON — Not everyone is celebrating the return of the wild turkeys.

After being wiped out from New England in the 1800s, the birds have stormed back in what’s considered a major success story for wildlife restoration. But as they spread farther into urban areas, they’re increasingly clashing with residents who say they destroy gardens, damage cars, chase pets and attack people.

More students come to US colleges from China, India, but relatively few Americans study abroad

BOSTON The number of international students studying at U.S. colleges increased by 10 per cent last year, marking the largest single-year gain in 35 years, according to new federal data. Meanwhile, the number of Americans studying abroad grew by only 5 per cent, falling short of expectations.

At Harvard’s new ‘virtual classroom,’ students tune in to class from computers anywhere

The newest classroom at Harvard’s business school has no desks or chairs. Instead, the professor teaches facing a towering digital screen that stretches from wall to wall, filled with the live video feeds of up to 60 students tuned in from their computers.

In the futuristic classroom, housed in a television studio 2 miles from campus, class plays out like a giant video conference.