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Colin Perkel

National pandemic fines top $13 million, study finds

TORONTO — Authorities in some provinces ramped up often arbitrary law enforcement to help curtail the COVID-19 pandemic rather than rely on a purely public health approach, according to a report out Wednesday.

The main problem, the report finds, is that marginalized or other vulnerable groups tended to bear the brunt of police and bylaw action.

Those close to virus couple contacted

TORONTO—Health authorities have communicated with most of the people who may have been in close contact with a Toronto couple who contracted the new strain of coronavirus, Toronto's top public health official said Tuesday.

Toronto medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa said the ability to reach the relevant people was a sign the health-protection system was working.

App to find missing kids

TORONTO—Thousands of children are reported missing across the country each year but only a handful of Amber Alerts are issued, potentially leaving large numbers of people who might be able to help find them in the dark.

Now, a new website that aims to reach far more people than is currently the case—especially those who might be close to where the child went missing—launched today.