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By Carolyn Thompson The Associated Press

Move over, dodgeball: Schools pump up phys ed with choices

You won’t find gym class on the schedule in upstate New York’s Victor school district.

What you will see: kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, dance, self-defence, archery and in-line skating ‚Äî all under the heading of physical education. The teachers say it’s a more fitting description of lessons meant to last well beyond the class bell.

Little People, Dungeons & Dragons top Toy Hall of Fame class

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — At long last, a big honour for the Little People.

After seven times as finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame, the tiny tenants of Fisher-Price’s house, barn and school bus were enshrined on Thursday.

They were joined by the swing and Dungeons & Dragons in the hall’s class of 2016.

Schools find campaign talk conflicts with no-bullies message

BUFFALO, N.Y. Ryan Lysek rose to become vice-president of his fifth-grade class at Lorraine Academy in Buffalo, New York, after the sitting vice-president was ousted for saying things that went against the school’s anti-bullying rules. So the 10-year-old is a little puzzled that candidates running to lead the entire country can get away with name-calling and foul language.

’Yes means yes’ training part of college curriculum under New York law to combat sex assaults

ALLEGANY, N.Y. They’d barely arrived on campus at St. Bonaventure University, but already the new students were talking about hooking up.

Administrators didn’t mind. In fact, they’d encouraged ‚Äî even required ‚it to comply with a new state law meant to prevent sex assaults on campuses.