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Indigenous Peoples in Canada awaiting justice

WASHINGTON — First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples in Canada and the United States are showing solidarity with the Black community as widespread demands for social change sweep across the globe.

But Indigenous communities stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement in another sense as well: in line for lasting justice, wondering when their turn will come.

Trudeau says government is ‘open’ to NHL Canadian hub cities

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is “open” to the NHL operating a hub city in Canada, so long as it is allowed by local health authorities.

Trudeau said Tuesday that the decision will need to be made by the NHL and the provincial and municipal governments where the league wishes to operate.

Agriculture bill violates freedom rights: activists

TORONTO — A proposed law to protect farmers from aggressive protesters will trample freedom of speech, say animal rights activists who are calling on the Ontario government to reverse course on the bill.

The activists told a legislative committee Monday that the bill - dubbed the Security from Trespass and Animal Safety Act - will violate the charter and will spark legal challenges.

Feds eye buying distressed real-estate for housing

OTTAWA — A new analysis of the country’s stock of affordable housing suggests the Liberals’ decade-long strategy to provide more of it is starting in a deeper hole than previously thought, and may be further behind once the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

But the pandemic could also mean an opportunity for governments to pick up rental units cheaply.