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Cameron Penney

Cameron joins the Fort Frances Times for as a Summer Reporter for 2016.

Driving droids

Quinn Miller was busy focusing on driving her “Dash and Dot robot” around the ’52 Canadians Arena during a Rec ‘N Crew activity yesterday afternoon. The robots were supplied by Seven Generations and can be used to teach youngsters about problem solving and how to code.

B-ball action

Tristan Yerxa, left, tried to prevent Kade Oster from making a pass during the 3-on-3 basketball tournament at La Place Rendez-Vous’ parking lot during the “Fun in the Sun” festivities on Canada Day. Youngsters from grades 6 through 8 participated in the inaugural event.

Golf camp

Evan Kabel kept his eye on the ball while preparing to take a big swing at the driving range yesterday morning during the “Learn to Golf” program at Heron Landing. Some 20 youngsters took part in the program, which ran June 27-29.

‘Mall Day’

Liz Allan admired a bright pink fur jacket that was available as part of a sidewalk sale outside of Betty’s during “Mall Day” on Scott Street earlier today. About 25 vendors set up booths for the annual event.

Local man builds ‘R2-D2’ replica

Local resident and lifelong “Star Wars” enthusiast Rick Strickland recently completed a project that had been several years in the making—building a life-sized replica of “R2-D2.”

“I went to a ‘Star Wars’ convention about seven or eight years ago . . . and off in the distance, I heard sounds of a droid, of an R2-D2,” he recalled.

“And I thought, ‘I gotta go check this out.’”

Proud grads

Fort High grads Vanessa Theriault, left, and Claire Tibbs proudly showed off the diplomas they received during the school’s annual graduation ceremony last Thursday evening at the Ice For Kids Arena. Fort High administration presented diplomas to students while Ana Stopa delivered the valedictorian address.

R2-D2 model

Local resident Rick Strickland posed with his life-sized replica of “R2-D2,” a droid from the “Star Wars” movies. Creating the replica had been an off-and-on project for nearly seven years. It also can make authentic sounds and move via remote control.