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By Aron Heller The Associated Press

World’s oldest man celebrates bar mitzvah, 100 years late

JERUSALEM — The world’s oldest man has finally celebrated his bar mitzvah ‚Äî a hundred years later than usual.

Israel Kristal, 113, has lived through both World Wars and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. Earlier this year, Guinness World Records awarded him a certificate as the world’s oldest man.

Survivor sheds light on divisive WWII-era Jewish Councils

JERUSALEM Throughout the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, and while incarcerated in two prison camps, Mirjam Bolle wrote letters to her fiance that she never sent but hoped to share with him after the war. Yet when the two ultimately reunited she decided to leave the past behind and stashed them away. Now, decades later, she has published them as a memoir.

Israeli artist remembers Polish educator who followed his orphans to a Nazi death camp

TEL AVIV, Israel With World War II underway and the Nazis closing in, 16-year-old Itzchak Belfer decided to flee his native Poland and head east to Soviet Russia. The man who had raised the Jewish boy like a son tearfully gave him his blessing, slipped the teen some money and said, “the chicks are leaving the nest.”