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By Amy Taxin The Associated Press

Police tackle rise in gambling “slaphouses” in California

WESTMINSTER, Calif. — On a quiet suburban California cul-de-sac where neighbours hang wind chimes and grow rose bushes, one three-bedroom house stood out. At night, dozens of cars swarmed outside. Groups of young women headed inside the fenced-off home dotted with security cameras. The next morning, the street was littered with syringes.

Panel recommends parole for ex-Manson follower Van Houten

CHINO, Calif. — Leslie Van Houten stood before the California panel that would soon recommend her parole as a slight woman with shoulder-length grey hair, a wrinkled face and glasses, a far cry to from the rebellious teen she was when she joined the cult of Charles Manson more than 40 years ago and helped kill a wealthy grocer and his wife.

3 earned millions by arranging sham marriages to help Chinese get US residency

LOS ANGELES ‚An American man was told he could make $18,000 for marrying a Chinese woman who needed a green card, so he agreed to get hitched at a California wedding studio and then took an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas where he posed in photos with his new wife.