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By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

How to speed up a slow-cooking barbecued beef brisket

In researching recipes for barbecued brisket, we found that cooks could agree on one thing: slow-cooking (for up to 12 hours) to tenderize the meat.

We wanted to figure out a way to make cooking this cut of meat less daunting and less time-consuming, and we wanted to trade in a professional smoker for a backyard grill.

The trick to keeping your peach cake from getting soggy

Add ripe peaches to cake and problems abound: All the juice makes for a soggy cake and their delicate flavour gets lost.

Roasting the peaches—and tossing them with peach schnapps—concentrated their flavour and expelled moisture. However, the peaches became swathed in a flavourful but gooey film when cooked.