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By America’S Test Kitchen The Associated Press

How to make a creamy cauliflower soup but without any cream

For a creamy cauliflower soup without cream, we relied on cauliflower’s low insoluble fiber content to produce a velvety smooth puree.

To ensure that cauliflower flavour remained at the forefront, we cooked the cauliflower in seasoned water (instead of broth), skipped the spice rack entirely, and bolstered the soup with sauteed onion and leek.

Pasta loaded with tender bites of sausage, kale and beans

We had our hearts set on a one-pot pasta loaded with tender bites of browned sausage, hearty kale, and creamy cannellini beans.

To streamline the recipe, rather than boil the pasta separately or remove the sausage from the pot once it had browned, we built flavour in layers, allowing the addition of each component to form a creamy sauce that tied the dish together.

Our sweet, butterscotch-like sauce makes these cakes tasty

What the Brits call a “pudding” is not pudding by American standards. Rather, it’s a rich, spongy date cake that’s steamed to give it a dense, moist texture. What makes these individual-size cakes special is the sauce that they get smothered in after steaming: an unapologetically sweet, butterscotch-like sauce made from butter, cream and sugar.

Make a buttery crumb cake with a lightly spiced topping

The essence of crumb cake is the balance between the buttery cake and the thick, lightly spiced topping.

Starting with our favourite yellow cake recipe, we realized we needed to reduce the amount of butter or the richness would be overwhelming. We also wanted our crumb topping to be soft and cookie-like, not a crunchy streusel.