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Allison Jones

High school teachers to start early bargaining

TORONTO—Ontario's high school teachers will start the early stages of contract talks next month in what could be a contentious round of bargaining.

Contracts for teachers and education workers at the province's publicly funded schools expire at the end of August, but Education Minister Lisa Thompson has asked unions to come to the table early.

Ontario looking at merging ambulance services

TORONTO—Ontario is looking at merging ambulance services, but the premier is guaranteeing that the move will not result in fewer paramedics.

In its budget delivered last week, the Progressive Conservative government said it plans to streamline the way land ambulance dispatch services are delivered by integrating the 59 emergency health services operators and 22 dispatch centres.

Ontario's climate policy 'frightening': watchdog

TORONTO—Ontario's environmental commissioner issued dire warnings yesterday about the “frightening” state of climate policy in the province as she delivered her office's last report.

The Progressive Conservative government announced last fall that it was eliminating the office of the environmental commissioner and merging its functions with the auditor general.

New autism supports for schools

TORONTO—School boards will get additional money to support students with autism, Ontario's education minister announced yesterday, as hundreds of kids soon may enter school because they will get less funding for therapy.

Autism and education advocates said the announcement does little to address a problem of the government's own making and attempts to turn teachers into therapists.