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Meeting of parks board

Board Make Plans for Beautifying Park-Park Officially Named "Pither's Point Park"

The meeting of the board of park management was held in the council chambers on May 12th. The usual routine of business was performed and payrolls to the extent of $151.20 and invoices for supplies, $3.70 ordered paid.
This labour and supplies covered the work that was done in the park during the last two weeks in clearing and underbrushing.
A communication received from George Berridge, with reference to the privilege of operating ice cream and tobacco stands, and after discussing this matter, it was decided to call for applications for the position as caretaker along with which would go the right to operate a refreshment booth.
There was also a communication read from Mr. A.E. Warren, general manager of the Canadian Northern Railway, with reference to permitting their architect, Mr. Schoffield, to come down here to offer suggestions in connection with certain contemplated buildings.
During last fall and winter some party or parties broke the bath houses and refreshment booth, breaking all the door knobs and doing other damage and the Chief of Police has been requested to investigate and take proceedings against these parties.
It was also arranged that the two buildings at the south end of the Point would be repaired and put in such shape as to serve as a temporary shelter in case of storm, and it was arranged that the baseball and the athletic field was to be skimmed and put in better shape for play.
The question as to what portion of the park could be used for camping purposes came up and it was decided that camping should be restricted to that portion of the park north of the Colonization Road and at a distance of at least fifty feet from the top of the shore line, and no wooden structures were to be permitted to be erected without permission from the park board.
It was deemed fitting that the parks be given official names and the park at Pither's Point will hereafter be known as "Pither's Point Park", while the park downtown in the court house square be known as "Central Park".
It was felt that a great many of the trees that are now in Central Park are of short lived variety and it would only be a matter of time until they would be decayed, so Dr. Moore was commissioned to procure sufficient trees to plant in Central Park, planting to be done in a systematic manner, following a well defined scheme of development.
The board will hold its next meeting on May 26th.

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