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Colt Gallinger is enjoying the lake views and beautiful spring weather with his family. What is your family doing to stay busy during COVID-19? Take a high resolution photo, and send it to us, so we can share it with readers! Send your pictures to

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Ashlee Homer caught this gigantic fish of a lifetime - a 5.2lbs bass. Ashlee is 12 years old and loves to catch big fish, when she’s not working as a carrier for the Times. Do you have any big catch photos? Send them to us, so we can share them with readers! Send your photos to

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The Donaldson family has has been using their Belgian draft horses to prepare their land. Above, Jeb, is working up the garden by pulling a spring-tooth harrow. Right, Jeb is working with his mother, Jane to pull a disc to prepare the field for planting. Jill and Jane, being driven by Lee Donaldson, are pulling a potato hiller to cover the newly planted potatoes. This antique piece of equipment does a great job and beats hilling potatoes with a hoe in a large field.

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Above, volunteers Emma and Aurora received training to go tandem, to prepare them to assist riders using the adaptive equipment. Shawna Ritchie, co-owner, along with partner Mar Fraczkiewicz, are raising funds to expand their services to all abilities.

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Greyson Yatchuk, 2, has been helping his mom plant a perennial garden. So much joy in playing with the hose and getting dirty! What has your family been doing to stay busy during COVID-19? Take a high resolution photo, and send it in, so we can share it with readers! E-mail your pictures to

Emo council has decided to not revisit a resolution presented by Borderland Pride.

Citing the council’s procedure manual, and the Robert’s Rules of Order, Councillor Warren Toles successfully argued that a defeated resolution cannot be reintroduced without a motion from either a member of the defeating side, or two thirds of council, depending on which set of rules council chose to follow.

For many in our region, summer is synonymous with water sports. However, this is not the case for disabled individuals. Many are forced to sit on the sidelines, unless they have access to specialized, adaptive equipment, at a premium cost. That’s why Shawna McRitchie and Mar Fraczkiewicz, owners of Sunset Water Sports, have launched fundraisers to bridge that gap, and get everyone out on the lake, through the purchase of adaptive water sports equipment.