Thursday, April 17, 2014


People challenged to eat and drink on $1.75 a day to understand extreme poverty

TORONTO — During a challenge to eat and drink on $1.75 a day to understand the reality of extreme poverty, Nadia Chychrun realized the sacrifice parents will make to ensure their children are fed.

Americans look past calories as approach to dieting evolves; major brands feel sales slide

NEW YORK — Obsessing over calories alone has left dieters with an empty feeling.

Some opt to forgo having funerals, but others say services are ‘for the living’

TORONTO — When it comes to matters of mortality, Bill Taylor says he is “in no hurry to go,” but there’s one thing he’s sure of: when the time comes, he wants no formal service held to mark his passing.
“It’s written into my will — no funeral,” he said emphatically.

Ashley Madison is big in Japan where marital form counts, guilt is low for cheating on spouse

TOKYO — Ashley Madison, the world’s biggest online hookup site for married people, works only when monogamy is the rule on the surface but, deep inside, couples want to cheat. That’s why it is scoring big in Japan.

New report details racial gap among US children: Asians, whites outpacing blacks, Latinos

NEW YORK — In every region of America, white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than black, Latino and American Indian children, according to a new report appealing for urgent action to bridge this racial gap.

Canadian students near top of the class in creative problem solving: OECD study

TORONTO — An international study assessing the creative problem-solving skills of students sees Canada place near the top of the rankings.

Odds of getting a lost cellphone returned? Not much better than 50/50: study

TORONTO — The odds of having a lost cellphone returned are just a little better than 50/50, while the chances of it being probed by its finder are close to 100 per cent, according to the results of an experiment conducted in six Canadian cities.

California chefs, bartenders fight new law, common in most states, that bans bare-hand contact

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As the happy hour crowd poured in on a recent weeknight, the kitchen and bar staff at Hock Farm restaurant scrambled to meet the incoming orders.

Clear the clutter: Develop organizational system to keep on top of excess items

VICTORIA — Disorganized and cluttered homes are often the result of busy lives, but tackling the stuff in a home is an important step in freeing a space of disorder while relieving stress for its owner.
Maggie Megenbir, Victoria professional organizer, says clutter is unnecessary weight in a space.

Fundraiser in Michigan to pit participants with big appetites against 20-foot-long bratwursts

YPSILANTI, Mich. — A fundraising event in Michigan plans to pit participants with big appetites against 20-foot-long bratwursts that weigh close to six pounds.

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