Monday, April 27, 2015


Ex-CIA chief Petraeus gets 2 years’ probation, fine for sharing military secrets with mistress

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — His outstanding career in the military and national security has been ruined; so have his political aspirations, because he provided classified information to his mistress.

Former athletes speak to challenges and triumphs of LGBTQ inclusion in sports

TORONTO — When Canadian swimmer Mark Tewksbury won gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, there were no gay characters on TV and talking about his sexuality was considered taboo.
Flash forward nearly 25 years and the landscape has seen a major shift as an increasing number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer athletes have come out publicly.

Firefighters rescue man who wedged himself inside wall to hide from police but couldn’t escape

MONROVIA, Ind. — A central Indiana man who hid inside a wall in his home to avoid arrest had to be rescued by firefighters after he became wedged next to its chimney for more than a day.

Former PM tells business leaders: Forget biases against women, people of colour

VANCOUVER — Former prime minister Kim Campbell says that despite the fact that a colleague once called her a “boring leader,” she always felt compelled to get involved and engage people.
Campbell, who led the Progressive Conservatives for five months in 1993, gave the keynote speech on leadership at the annual luncheon of the Canadian Club of Vancouver.

PBS probes Ben Affleck’s request not to reveal slave-owning ancestor; Affleck expresses regret

NEW YORK — PBS is conducting an internal review following revelations that producers of “Finding Your Roots” may have violated the network’s editorial standards after a request by Ben Affleck that the program not reveal he had a slave-owning ancestor.

Giffords to receive DVF award; says recovery has been ‘tough, gritty and endlessly repetitive’

NEW YORK — Gabby Giffords, who’s been devoting her time to pushing for tougher gun laws as she slowly recovers from her 2011 shooting, will now have $50,000 to donate to her cause, courtesy of designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Auschwitz guard tells court he shares moral guilt, but judges must rule if he committed crime

LUENEBURG, Germany — A former Auschwitz guard acknowledged Tuesday that he bears a share of the moral guilt for atrocities at the camp, but told judges at the opening of his trial that it is up to them to decide whether he deserves to be convicted as an accessory to murder.

Pope accepts resignation of US bishop who failed to report suspected abuser

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a U.S. bishop who pleaded guilty to failing to report a suspected child abuser, answering calls by victims to take action against bishops who cover up for pedophile priests.

Budget will make pilot immigrant loan program permanent

OTTAWA — More newcomers will have access to federal loans to help get their professional training up to Canadian standards as part of today’s federal budget.
A government source tells The Canadian Press that the pilot foreign credential recognition loan program is set to be made permanent.

Bill Clinton’s bloody head, vicious fights, and other tales from the White House

WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton’s presidential sex scandal cost him more than an impeachment scare. According to a new book, it may also have cost him a quart of blood.

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