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By Jennifer Peltz The Associated Press

US commemorates 9-11; thousands expected at ground zero

NEW YORK — While the U.S. contends with the destruction caused by two ferocious hurricanes in three weeks, Americans also are marking the anniversary of one of the nation’s most scarring days.

Thousands of 9-11 victims’ relatives, survivors, rescuers and others are expected to gather Monday at the World Trade Center to remember the deadliest terror attack on American soil.

Many dog breeds yearn for 1st Westminster best in show

NEW YORK Wesley the Dandie Dinmont terrier could feel confident of at least one win at the Westminster Kennel Club, since he was the only contestant for best of his venerable breed.

But while Dandies have been part of Westminster since its 1877 beginning, they’ve never won best in show. Same for Labrador retrievers, the most prevalent purebred dogs in the United States.

In show-dog circles, breeders in big cities are a small pack

NEW YORK In the dog world, Angela Reilly is a rare breed.

Like many show-dog owners, Reilly has bred her own puppies. But she did it in a Manhattan apartment.

She’s among the relatively few big-city dwellers who aim to breed dogs like those at next week’s Westminster Kennel Club show, where one of Reilly’s Cardigan Welsh corgis has won awards.