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Michelle McQuigge

Education union votes in favour of strike

TORONTO—A major union representing education workers in Ontario says its members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a potential strike that could take effect by the end of the month.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees says 93 percent of its 55,000 members voted in favour of job action, putting them in a legal strike position as of Sept. 30.

GO Transit meeting needs of autistic man

The operator of Ontario's GO Transit service is asking bus drivers to accommodate an autistic man by spitting out their chewing gum if asked, a directive meant to encourage employees to meet the needs of those with invisible disabilities.

Metrolinx says a regular passenger, who is autistic, has extreme sensitivity to the sounds and scents of people chewing gum nearby.

Researchers devise bacteria-fighting gel

A team of Ontario researchers say they've come up with a way to convert common types of viruses into a gel with potential for a wide variety of medical and environmental uses.

The scientists at Hamilton's McMaster University say the gel is comprised of bacteriophages, or viruses found throughout the human body and surrounding environments that fight bacteria.

Quirky Canadian facts a mystery for many: poll

TORONTO—A new poll suggests Canadians haven't made much progress in expanding their knowledge of the more colourful parts of the country's history.

The online survey from Historica Canada, the organization behind the country's Heritage Minutes, quizzed respondents on 30 pieces of quirky Canadiana using true or false questions and tallied the number of correct responses.

Town votes down motion on land acknowledgment

An Ontario town has rejected a motion to open all its council meetings with an acknowledgment that the proceedings are taking place on lands held by Canada's indigenous people.

A councillor in the town of Richmond Hill first tabled the idea at a meeting in February—only to encounter pushback from other councillors and see the motion deferred to a later date.