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Ben Walker

Shifting culture set to play out in All-Star Game

WASHINGTON—David Ortiz can now laugh, sort of, at the shifting culture of baseball. For J.D. Martinez, Nolan Arenado, Aaron Judge and every other All-Star hitter, dealing with different defensive alignments is just part of the game.

Tune in tomorrow night and no telling where fans will see fielders. Especially in what's become merely an exhibition—why not try a five-man outfield?

Dodgers, Astros in rare showdown

LOS ANGELES—The L.A. Dodgers love their analytics, collecting so much data that manager Dave Roberts proudly proclaims: “I don't see any team that's more prepared than we are.”

All the numbers, video, and advanced scouting reports are great. But firsthand looks are nice, too.

So Curtis Granderson, what do you know about your World Series opponent, the Houston Astros?

Ump calls it a career

SARASOTA, Fla.—The first time Tim Welke stepped onto a ballfield as a professional umpire, he was a teenager hoping he wouldn’t get yelled at too much.

As the years turned to decades, sure, he got an earful. All umps do.

But by the time he walked off at PNC Park last October on wobbly knees that would need surgery, he’d gotten quite an eyeful, too.