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Women urged to seek election

There's not enough women in politics.

Studies have shown at least 30 percent of elected officials must be female before policy begins to adequately reflect the concerns of women.

But studies also show women in Canada represent only 15 percent of corporate boards, 18 percent of mayors, and 28 percent of councillors.

Life as councillor 'eye-opening': Caul

Life as a town councillor, first and foremost, is a learning experience.

Fort Frances Coun. June Caul offered some insight into life in public office during the “Women in Politics” symposium last Wednesday evening at Confederation College here, noting her first term has been an eye-opening experience into the how the town's operates—something every citizen should experience.

Taxi, parking rates going up

The cost to take a taxi and “Dial-a-Ride” has gone up here, as has parking rates.

With the increase in minimum wage, local taxi owners were looking to increase the taxi rates accordingly, and met with the town's Planning and Development division to discuss the proposed rates.