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For a quick take on pizza at home, use Indian flatbread

Naan is an Indian flatbread with a chewy texture and a puffed, slightly charred crust. Brushing the baking sheet with olive oil and then baking the naan on the lowest rack in a 400 F oven gives it a crispy texture—just like pizza crust. This recipe can be doubled. Follow this recipe with your kids.


Servings: 1-2

Make great shrimp scampi without the butter-and-oil slick

Shrimp scampi is rarely awful—it’s unusual for things to go terribly wrong when garlic, wine and butter are involved—but restaurant versions always make me wish I’d ordered differently. I have never been presented with the ultimate scampi, the one that I can almost taste when I peruse the menu: perfectly cooked, briny beauties in a garlicky, buttery (but not greasy) white wine sauce.

For a classic meatballs in marinara, turn to the multicooker

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love a bowl of spaghetti topped with meatballs and marinara, but stovetop versions are often messy (between the spattering oil from frying the meatballs and the sputtering tomato sauce), and the sauce requires a long simmering time to develop rich, deep flavour.

Old stale bread transforms into croutons that top this soup

Don’t throw out stale bread. Seriously, don’t. Baguettes, sliced sandwich bread and even loaves of crusty white bread can be recycled into homemade croutons.

Use a chef’s knife to cut the bread into cubes (1/2-inch to 3/4-inch cubes are ideal). Toss the cubes with olive oil and some salt, and then spread them out on a rimmed baking sheet.