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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Successful week at EARS

I hope the summer weather returns. It was pretty darn cool this a.m. and though the sun was shining, we had quite a shower of rain as we arrived at the Research Station.

Last week was a successful week despite the fact we had close to a one inch of rain mid-week. We only had a few drops at home and I understand Fort Frances was hit even harder.

The hops are climbing well, and they really enjoyed those hot days.

We were able to spray some weeds and the soybeans finally look like they have fully emerged.

Got a couple of new kitties

It is June 3 as I write this and I have layers of clothing on. That don't seem right.

I have heard two reports—one saying that summer will be colder than normal and the other stating it will be warmer than normal.

I think it just means that we don't really know!

I hope everyone had their plants covered yesterday am because that was a hard frost!

I haven't had time to get much planted at home so guess that is a positive.

  • • •

I made the executive decision to hold my cows back one more week.

Our 4-H Beef Club has started

There is no sense in commenting on the weather because I believe we are all of the same opinion.

All I can say is Mother Nature better plan on making up for this later this year!

  • • •

We planted a few more areas before the rain came last week and we were all set to start spraying but we are definitely out of the field for a few days!

We have had over two inches of rain in this last little wet spell.

I have had less at home, but you'd never know it. Just where we walk to get grain pails, sheep pens, etc., we are making a muddy trail.

Farmers getting their fields planted

What a great long weekend! If only we just had one more day—right?

I have to say it won't go down as one of the warmest weekends of all, but the sun was shining!

Actually, I had to go in and put my long-johns on when I was cutting grass on Saturday.

I remember my good ole friend Gary Teeple telling me: “if you have to wear that many clothes cutting grass, then you shouldn't be cutting it!” He pulled up on me once in my insulated coveralls.

  • • •

My boyfriend/partner had his foot surgery on Thursday.

Lambs have arrived

It is starting to green up nicely and you can see some green leaves popping out.

The weather was nice over the weekend and it really has started to dry up!

I was hoping to get over my lawn, but my boyfriend/partner is working on my lawnmower, so it is out of commission for a few more days.

  • • •

All our lambs have arrived, but we were disappointed to have to pull so many of them.

Thankfully for my vet cousin and a good neighbour, we didn't lose any of them—but we had some tough pulls!

Sorting cows is always a big job

Okay, this waking up to snow is getting old real fast!

As I wake up in the night I always look at my cameras and I could see something blowing around, but I was hoping it was just the birds flying in and out of the barn.

We should have been getting this weather in March, certainly not May.

  • • •

My students started back at EARS last week and we really accomplished a lot last week.

Summer students back at EARS

This is the first week for my summer students to be back at EARS and what do we see? Snow!

I am overlooking that four-letter word because I am happy to have my students back! Nick is returning for his sixth year and Claire is back for her third year.

We are expecting a great summer ahead. The students will be busy weighing seed and preparing for planting.

The weather last week looked like we would be planting this week but the weather this morning has changed that plan. That is okay—there is plenty to do in preparation!

What a weekend that was

What a great weekend to celebrate Easter!

Plenty of sunshine and great time to get outside and do some egg hunting!

We were lucky that Maddie and Marlee spent the weekend in the country.

There is no limit of things to do this time of the year, so we just tried turning jobs like checking the fence into fun jobs like looking for deer and elk sheds.

It was nice in the bush with the sun shining in and warming things up.

The girls are learning to appreciate the excitement of new growth, special tress and neat places in the bush.

Time to vaccinate

I am sure we all felt the same about the snow that arrived Thursday and Friday last week.

I came to work on Friday am to find a huge drift along the south side of the building. This is the entrance, of course. If it

wasn't for the fact we had a grazing seminar with Steve Kenyon on Friday, I think I would have turned around and went back home.

Funny thing was, I had been walking past the shovel thinking I should put that away but also thought that would probably jinx me.

'Black Bettie' has some competition

Though these dreary days are hard to get excited about, the rain is taking away the snow at least.

The barn yard is a wet, greasy mess. THE worst time of the year to have cattle in a contained area.

Most people try and sacrifice an area to get them into clean ground. I am planning to do that myself, but I would like to give them their first round of vaccine's and wait for the land to dry just a bit more.

We will see how long I can hold off, but I really hate to see them dirty.