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2018 Images

Breaking the barrel

“Woody” Woods did the honour of busting open a barrel of whisky during the Cantilever Distillery's launch celebration in Rainer on Friday afternoon. Those who attended the celebration heard speeches from the distillery's founders and also enjoyed a glass of whisky straight from the freshly-opened keg.

Play rehearsal

Fort High students Tristan Councillor, Yasmeen Elkneir, and Katelyn Bruyere acted out a scene from “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” last Thursday in the Townshend Theatre to prepare for the upcoming show. The 25-person cast will deliver two-hour performances from tommorow through Sunday (Oct. 26-28) starting at 7 p.m.

Customer appreciation

The new Husky retailer/owner Waqas Altaf, left, and district manager Jeff Ross shared a big smile as they celebrated Customer Appreciation Day there last Thursday. Those who entered the store that day were welcome to enjoy a free piece of cake and a beverage.

Pay to park

Want to park behind the Rainy Lake Square? It's now going to cost you. Six parking meters were installed Friday at the south end of the square along the laneway. The fee to park there is $1.25/hour. Users are able to pay for parking by coin, credit card, or payment through an app which can be downloaded onto any smartphone.

Student performance

Fort High students Olivia Eldrige, left, and Joanna Empey rehearsed scenes from “The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” last Thursday at the Townshend Theatre to prepare for their upcoming performances there. The play is set to run Oct. 26-28 from 7-9 p.m.

District cross

The Grade 4 girls were off and running at the junior/intermediate cross-country meet held Friday at Crossroads School in Devlin. Many district students from Grades 4-8 enjoyed themselves and put forth their best effort at the annual event.

Piñata posse

The “Piñata Posse" from Gillons' Insurance were set to "Fiesta like there's no mañana” on Saturday evening during the Riverside Foundation for Health Care's annual fundraiser gala at the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium. Pictured here were Christy Dowty, front row left, and Nancy Brown, along Michelle Sabbe, back row left, Shari Humphrey, Lindy Coyle, Sue Hanson, and Sarah Marusyk.