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2006 Images

Seasonal sight

Sgt. Erik Gustafson, left, and Sgt. Jordan Manty, of the 908 Rainy Lake Air Cadets, rang the bells at the Salvation Army Christmas kettle outside The Bargain Store on Saturday morning. Volunteers will be manning the kettles at local businesses from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday to Saturday until Dec. 23. The Salvation Army also is looking for more volunteers to man the kettles.

Fire building 101

CPO2 Austin Zin, centre, of the Fort Frances Sea Cadets #144, instructed PO2 George Kemper-Lukasevics, left, and LC Ryan Goertzen on how to build a fire Saturday during the corps’ annual survival training. The 20 cadets spent two nights outdoors in the woods learning such skills as reading compasses, building lean-tos, and snowshoeing.

—Heather Ogilvie photo

Special visit

Penny McFarland got a present from Santa Claus when he paid a visit to local war brides at a special dinner at the Adventure Inn last night. 2006 is the 60th anniversary of war brides in Canada (1946 was the year the largest wave arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax), with six provinces, including Ontario, having proclaimed this the Year of the War Bride.

—Melanie Béchard photo

Survival lessons

Survival lessons

CP02 Shane Ikert, right, of the Fort Frances Sea Cadets #144 instructed a group of younger cadets on how to use lanterns and outdoor stoves Saturday. The corps spent two nights in the woods sleeping in tents and learning survival skills as part of their annual training.

—Heather Ogilvie photo

Christmas shopping

Phyllis Ogier checked out a table of Christmas decorations this morning during an open house at The Treasure Chest (located at 336 Scott St.) Those who came out for the open house not only could find great buys, but enjoy free coffee and dainties, as well as enter thir name for a door prize. The open house runs until 4 p.m. today.

—Duane Hicks photo

Misty morning

Steam rose off of Rainy River near the Rainier bridge this morning. The district is in the grips of a cold snap that has seen temperatures dip down to around the -30 degrees Celsius mark with the windchill. Relief is on the way though as temperatures are expected to rise near the freezing point this weekend.—Alex Cruickshank photo

Christmas wishes

Natasha Jack, four, and her brother Damon, three, visited with Santa on Saturday and told him what they wanted for Christmas. The siblings also received candy canes at the annual “Lunch with Santa” event held at Warp 9 and presented by the Business Improvement Association.

—Melanie Béchard photo

Hugging Santa

Erica Lemelin cuddled up on Santa’s knee on Saturday afternoon at the Emo Toy Library. Many children stopped by to have their pictures taken with St. Nick, who was visiting during “Holly Daze” in the community.

—Heather Ogilvie photo

Making suishi

Dorothy Poperechny, left, got some help from Ayako Sletmoen in rolling her first suishi roll at Dory's Fish Market here Saturday afternoon. The workshophad participants rolling rice and combinations of raw fish, crab meat, cucumbers, avocado, and ginger inside nori (sheets of seaweed). The class also included a salmon grilling demonstration.

—Melanie Bechard photo