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Dear editor:

Canadians, I thought, were a humble people or nation with different cultures and religions all equal to equal time, not weeks or a month.

I do not support pride, which comes before a great fall. I love the sinners, of which I am one, but not the sin.

To separate any group in Canada, to raise them above or below, is wrong. We should all come together and celebrate our unique differences but recognize our shortcomings and continue to make this a wonderful blessed country for all our people; not the one percent of any group.

Can we use the Moffat Fund, or any other funds, for clean water for all our people, the homeless, our veterans, etc., etc., etc.

Come on, Mr. Trudeau, show the other countries what a free society can do; stop trying to force any agenda on them and losing multi-million-dollar deals for our country.

So I humbly thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinion in what used to be a free country.

Stand up for the truth; it will truly set you free.


Tim Legarie

Fort Frances, Ont.

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