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Deserving thanks


It's no real surprise that incumbent MPP Sarah Campbell announced Monday that she would not be seeking re-election in the upcoming provincial election scheduled for June, 2018.

The subject of recent criticism regarding her poor attendance in the legislature, among other things, the drive that propelled Ms. Campbell to a 2,600-vote win over PC candidate Rod McKay in her first election back in 2011, and then an almost 7,000-vote margin over PC candidate Randy Nickle in 2014, has been noticeably lacking for some time now.

With Ms. Campbell expecting a second child in February, and her two-year-old daughter facing serious health challenges, her decision not to run again certainly is understandable. As she said in her statement, “I believe I need to work in a position which allows me to return home at the end of the day so that I can give my family the care and attention they need.”

Yes, our politicians are well-paid for what they do, along with other benefits and perks they receive. In the charged partisan atmosphere that is politics, however, we sometimes forget they are people trying to balance a myriad of issues and constituents' demands with a family life—a task made all the more difficult given the size of our riding and its distance from Queen's Park.

Those who accept the challenge of public life, regardless of their political stripe, are deserving of our thanks for their service and sacrifices.

With former Kenora MP Greg Rickford winning the PC nomination by acclamation Saturday in Dryden, and both the NDP and Liberals also to have new faces on the campaign trail this time around, let's be grateful there are those among us genuinely and selflessly willing to put themselves into the fray to offer their policies, ideas, and beliefs to help make our province and riding better places to live.

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