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Plenty of washrooms

Dear Mike,

As we progress through the stages of life, between middle age and elderly, it seems that the two most important things that occupy our time is when and where will we obtain our next meal and where is the closest washroom.

Kinda goes hand-in-hand these days. I know as I am also there.

I have lost count over the years where I have read in these pages that there is a total lack of public facilities in the Town of Fort Frances. Really?! The latest letter to the editor, headlined “Two concerns,” has prompted me to respond.

I need to say first, there is no shortage of public washrooms in the Town of Fort Frances. They are widely dispersed throughout the town. I count no less than 13 sets of public washrooms that the town affords and maintains.

Let me point them out in case anyone gets caught short: Point Park, Lions Park, Legion Park, Fort Frances Public Library, the Memorial Sports Centre (three sites), Sorting Gap Marina, Fort Frances Museum, the tourist information centre, Civic Centre, west-end sports field, and the Fort Frances Airport.

I'm sure that I have overlooked several, but hopefully we can make it from one to the other in the mentioned list.

The town is in the planning stages to make the museum washrooms more handicapped-accessible and more user-friendly to the public.

Do we only venture downtown to seek out a public washroom? All restaurants require and do have publicly-accessible washrooms. Bars require the same.

Most service industry establishments have washrooms accessible to the public. I'm sure that any number of our retail stores could accommodate you if you are shopping in their establishment and feel the need.

From the CC Complex in the east end to Walmart in the west, we are well-serviced with washrooms. If you get past all of them, maybe stop at MacDonald Motors and check out a new vehicle or, going east, stop for gas or fuel at The Great Bear.

I am sure that they will appreciate you.


Coun. Ken Perry

Fort Frances, Ont.

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