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Fond memories

Dear Mr. Editor:

I am writing this letter to express how disappointed we are with the Ministry of Natural Resources' decision to close Boffin Lake to overnight camping.

My family and I have used that same spot for the past 18 years for our family's holidays. In that time, we have formed many friendships and have a lot of great memories there.

Each year, before our holidays began, we would spend countless hours cleaning up the site; for example, cleaning up bags of garbage, as well as removing old mattresses and old ripped tents that campers have left behind that were thrown in the bush.

Cutting the grass, along with removing broken glass and animal messes, were some of the other things we have witnessed.

Over the years, we have watched numerous people come there to swim and leave a still-burning fire unattended. Thankfully, there have been responsible campers on hand to extinguish a potential forest fire.

We treated this site with respect and always left it better then how we found it. Teaching our children that even though this was not our doing, as responsible community members, it was our duty to take care of the campsite because it was the right thing to do.

I do understand the ministry's position with this closure as the under-staffing has been an ongoing issue and unable to enforce the rules and regulations consistently. But I strongly feel if this was properly policed, this closure may not have happened.

We strongly urge the ministry to reconsider the closure, and perhaps adopt a pay per use or a seasonal permit to allow overnight camping.

The fact that some blatantly ignored the rules and had total disregard for others is truly disheartening. The selfish actions of others have taken away the opportunity for other families to make amazing memories at this beautiful campsite.

Those of us who followed the rules will remember Boffin fondly.


Jack and Angela Fiset,

Devlin, Ont.

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