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Mr. Editor:

I was disappointed to see that the OPP press release, headlined “Two teens charged in goat killing,” had been relegated to page A3 of the April 12 edition of the Fort Frances Times and did not include the names of those involved; even though both the Thunder Bay and Winnipeg newspapers did name these young men.

So many atrocities in this world leave me feeling helpless, and often even anxious, that we have to try to live our best lives in spite of what human beings can lower themselves to do to one another; and what they do to animals.

The majority of us trust that those in power will see us through-but these days that isn't looking so good, either.

But this time, this crime was committed too close to home and I feel I can do something about it to make myself not feel so helpless. I can speak out.

These young men did not just kill this child's pet. It was a heinous, vulgar, purely evil act of torture and they do not deserve to have their names kept silent or disassociated from this crime.

(NOTE: My letter originally included the names of the young men involved, however, due to policy of the Times, I have had to remove them).

I am pleased that they have been apprehended and charged. I am pleased the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has the strongest animal welfare legislation in Canada.

I pray in this case they feel the full blow of this legislation fall on their empty heads.

I am sad for their families. My heart breaks for the child involved and her family.

One day, I will work on forgiveness. But for now, it feels good to own my power and, right or wrong, I believe the public should know who were responsible for snuffing out the love and joy in an innocent little girl's heart.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Hallam

Fort Frances, Ont.

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