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Not worth cost

Dear editor:

Town council is letting us down by even considering the removal of traffic lights just to save a few hundred dollars, especially near an elementary school.

A four-way stop makes it even more dangerous for children to cross.

Instead of watching the light, they have to watch for traffic in all directions (in icy conditions, one must wait for a complete stop before walking and not trust the stop sign), be aware of who stopped in what order, and note who's turning and in which direction, in order to determine when it's safe to walk.

This becomes even more dangerous for everyone considering the awful road conditions in town this winter.

The first vehicle accident alone easily could cost well over the amount saved by removing lights.

Considering the cost of dispatching emergency services (ambulance, police, and possibly the Fire and Rescue Service), the cost to clear wreckage and clean the streets, and any repairs to town property that gets damaged, it's not worth it.

Consider also the cost of a life.

I would like to invite any and all members of council to go for a walk with me around town to get a feel for the conditions that pedestrians face daily.

And if council cannot manage the budget to the extent that we would have to remove traffic lights to save a few hundred dollars, I personally will write the town a cheque for $700 and you have a year to figure out how to get this right.

You know how to find me.


Nathalie Donaldson

Fort Frances, Ont.

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