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Second Street paving to begin


Work on Second Street East between Mowat Avenue and Central Avenue finally will wrap up this week, with the intersection expected to be re-opened by the weekend.

Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said paving subcontractor Pioneer is on site this week and the first job they’re going to do is Second Street.

“So, hopefully by Friday, if the weather co-operates, the lights will be back on at Central Avenue and Second Street will be open,” Brown added, noting it takes about two-and-a-half days for the paving and line painting to get done.

All of the storm sewer, water, and sanitary sewer lines, and other pertinent infrastructure, has been replaced and upgraded, and cement work and landscaping is done.

Brown noted before his last report to council Aug. 26, he had been told by the contractor that the paving would be done by Sept. 7. This had been erroneous information provided to him.

In fact, the subcontractor always had been scheduled to arrive here Sept. 9.

Meanwhile, work on Williams Avenue continues.

Closed circuit television inspection of the sanitary sewer between Fourth and Fifth Street East has been completed and the granular ‘B’ gravel presently is being installed.

Curbs and gutters are supposed to be installed tomorrow. Two inches of paving then will be installed.

All of the work on this street has to be done by Sept. 27.

In regards to the Huffman subdivision project, 236.5 metres of six-inch watermain, complete with 10 service lines and one fire hydrant, have been installed, along with 101.5 metres of 10-inch sanitary sewer piping with 10 service lines and two manholes.

The hole where the old school was located has been completely filled in, and now the town is waiting for all the other utilities—electricity, gas, cable, and telephone—to be installed in the near future.

Two layers of gravel also have to be put down on the subdivision road (cul-de-sac).

Brown also noted Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service is back in town and should wrap up its sewer cleaning and televising program by tomorrow.

“Our most troubled areas of the sanitary sewer are getting cameraed,” he explained. “We have roughly 6,000 metres of camera we’re going to review over the wintertime, and it’s getting put into our ranking of our sewer system in our public digest. . . .

“So it’ll rank where the worst sewer systems are and tell us where to go for rebuilding roads.”

In other news, Brown said the annual Household Hazardous or Special Waste Day, held Saturday at the Public Works building, was a big success.

A total of 236 cars lined up to drop off their dangerous waste, which was collected by Miller Environmental Corp. of Winnipeg.

Some 28 tonnes of material was brought in by district residents—far higher than the annual average of 12 tonnes.

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