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Local man captures another ‘Musclemania’ crown


Even though bodybuilding is nothing new to Fort Frances resident Brock Madill, winning a competition is still as exciting as when he first began, he said.

Madill, 30, won the Light Heavyweight division at the “Musclemania Canada 2000” showdown July 1 in Toronto, then went on to capture the overall crown against the other division winners.

“It was tough,” he admitted. “Before the competition I was second-guessing myself and didn’t think I had any chance of winning.

“[But] throughout the day, people were coming up to me and basically saying that I had it in the bag,” Madill said Friday from his summer residence in Winnipeg.

Madill, who has been competing on and off for the past 15 years, and more regularly since 1997, is no stranger to bodybuilding.

“My brother sort of got me into bodybuilding. He would do the ‘Hulk’ poses in the mirror and that impressed me so I started working out,” he remarked.

“It was about a year after I started working out that I began competing,” he added. “I started competing when I was 16-17 years old.

“Actually, I won the Mr. Teen Thunder Bay bodybuilding competition and after that, I quit competing for about 10 years [because of all the drugs that started showing up in the sport],” he remarked.

In fact, Madill noted he was the only natural bodybuilder in the Mr. Thunder Bay competition a few years back. “I have entered non-drug tested competitions before and beat the guys who are taking steroids,” he said.

Madill stressed he didn’t get big fast, he just had the proper genetics.

Madill has won two other major bodybuilding competitions—the overall novice title at the Superbody in the World Beach Competition in Florida in 1997 and then the 1999 Mr. Natural Canada last June.

“I have done a few other competitions that aren’t as prestigious,” he noted.

As the overall winner of “Musclemania Canada 2000,” Madill now is qualified to compete as a pro on the Musclemania Pro tour and in the pro division of the World Natural Sports Organization.

Winning the overall title in Toronto also made Madill the newest member of the Pro Natural Team.

Only athletes that win the overall title at one of the Musclemania National or World Natural Bodybuilding Championships receive the title of professional bodybuilders and are able to compete for cash.

Madill is just the second Canadian to achieve pro natural status (the first being Ian Walling of Mississauga).

Madill next plans to compete at the 2000 World Natural Games in Toronto in November, followed by the Musclemania world finals in California at the end of that month.

Madill attributed his success to a strict diet and training regime. “Supplements have really made a difference over the past little while,” he remarked.

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