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Draft horse show


This year’s draft horse show was as impressive as ever, but some might say it was even more so this year: for the first time in the fair’s history, yearlings were in the competition.

“I thought it’d be something different,” said Shane Brown, who showed his horses Chuck, 1 year, and Chester, 13 months.

Normally, horses are at least two years old when they enter the show, where they have to prove their skills in obstacle courses or obedience tests.

But Brown wanted to see how his horses, one technically belonging to his father, would do—despite their young age.

“They did good. Better than I thought they would,” he said.

Chuck and Chester won in the “Team in Harness—General Purpose” category, where they were also the only entry. They also earned ribbons for “Team Driving Competition over a Pre-Determined Course” (fifth place) and “Champion Team in Harness” (third place).

Brown said he’s worked hard with the horses to prepare them for the show.

“You’ve got to break them in, keep practising,” he said. “Keep teaching them stuff.”

His mother, Alvina, suggested the time Shane has spent with the horses is the reason they did so well this year.

“They’ve had a lot of time spent with them,” she said. “A lot of caretaking.”

Still, Brown was initially worried because of all the new things at any fair. He said the horses had never heard all the sounds or seen that many people—or even other horses—before.

In fact, Brown himself was new to the show: while he’s ridden horses many times before, he’s only been working with draft horses since March.

“I like it—it’s something different to do,” he mentioned. “It’s a good hobby, it relaxes you a bit.”

Here’s how other horses did in the competition:

  • section 1: Best Dressed, Groomed and Mannered Team

first: Ray Kennedy with horses Misty and Lucy

second: Jim Wilson with Pride and Joy

third: Riley Kellar with Promise and Joker

fourth: Nancy Trist with Buddy and Chief

  • section 2: Team in Harness—Heavy Draft

first: Kennedy, Misty and Lucy

second: Wilson, Pride and Joy

  • section 3: Team in Harness—Light Draft

first: Vercruysse, Sarah and Toby

second: Trist, Buddy and Chief

  • section 4: Team in Harness—General Purpose

first: Shane Brown with Chuck and Chester

  • section 5: Team in Harness driven by Boy or Girl, 16 years or under

first: Krista Kellar, Pride and Joy

second: Chelsea Timmer, Misty and Lucy

third: Megan Szachury, Toby and Sarah

fourth: Riley Kellar, Chuch and Chester

  • section 6: Senior Driving Competition (drivers must be 60 years or over)

first: Wilson, Pride and Joy

second: Elder Jack, Misty and Lucy

third: Vercruysse, Sarah and Toby

fourth: Gerald Bullied, Chuck and Chester

fifth: Chet Mann, Buddy and Chief

  • section 7: Ladies’ Driving Competition

first: Barb Kennedy, Misty and Lucy

second: Angela Fiset, Pride and Joy

third: Trist, Buddy and Chief

fourth: Elvina Brown, Chuck and Chester

  • section 8: Team Driving Competition over a Pre-Determined Course

first: Ray Kennedy, Misty and Lucy

second: Wilson, Pride and Joy

third: Harold Kellar, Pride and Joy

fourth: Vercruysse, Sarah and Toby

fifth: Brown, Chuck and Chester

  • section 9: Champion Team in Harness

first: Ray Kennedy, Misty and Lucy

second: Vercruysse, Sarah and Toby

third: Brown, Chuck and Chester

  • section 11: Unicorn Hitch (section 10 not done)

first: Harold Kellar and Ray Kennedy with Misty, Lucy and Pride

  • section 12: Four-Horse Hitch

first: Harold Kellar and Ray Kennedy with Misty, Lucy, Pride and Joy

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