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Karate kicks myth about fighting


Karate is not about learning how to kick butt—it is about discovering inner peace and harmony.

“Wado Kai is a style of karate and it teaches people that karate is a martial art, but it is also a way to find inner peace and harmony among yourself,” explained local Sensei Chris Bazinet.

“Wado Kai is good for people who are looking for inner peace,” he noted Tuesday. “This will teach you how to defend yourself but it also teaches people to avoid confrontation.

“The very last resort is to fight and we stress that strongly at the club,” Bazinet stressed.

He added many people find inner peace and are able to deal with the day-to-day things more constructively.

“All by the workout and the mental part of the sport, people are able to deal with things better,” enthused Bazinet. “It is really interesting.”

He also stressed the sport really weeds people out.

“The people that think in a few weeks of being in class they are going to be able to show off their skills are wrong,” he said. “I am not that good of a teacher to teach something like this that quickly. A sport like this takes years of discipline and practice.

“I am only there to show them what they’ve got to do . . . they have to learn and practice it,” he stressed.

Bazinet also said karate is the kind of sport that gives back what the participant puts into it.

“I tell my class this every semester—if you are willing to give 100 percent, you get 100 percent back. If you give 110 percent, then you get 110 percent back.

“But if you only give 50 percent, then that is all you are going to get back,” he remarked.

The Fort Frances Wado Kai Karate Club began in 1992 when Bazinet—who has attained the rank of third degree black belt in Wado Kai—moved here from Kapuskasing.

“I was leaving my club but I didn’t want to quit training so I just started this club,” he said. “I have been in martial arts for 19 years and it will always be a part of my life—it is the way I live my life.”

The Fort Frances Karate Club is a recognized member of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation

“It may appear that we are a small club here in Fort Frances but we are not, we are a member of an organization that has over 6,000 Wado Kai students across North America,” Bazinet enthused.

Registration for the coming semester is slated Sept. 19 at St. Francis School, with practices being held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m.

“The month of September is free,” said Bazinet. “It doesn’t cost anything to try it. People should come down and try it out.”

For more information, call 274-4788.

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