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Emo waterfront getting new dock


Every year, Emo township employees have been required to constantly remove debris lodged alongside two municipal docks.

But this year, a new dock and boat launch is being built to help solve the problem.

Emo’s two docks often have been useless for passing boaters because they were always surrounded by logs and branches.

The docks ran south from shore—right into the path of anything floating down the river.

“It seemed to be that’s just exactly where the main current was,” said Emo clerk Brenda Cooke. “It’s destroyed our docks. It’s lifted them and the debris got underneath.”

“The docks stuck out into the current and all the debris got caught,” echoed project supervisor George Wegman.

“We’re changing the location. We’re going to have it facing down river to the west rather than have it facing south so that when the debris comes down, it doesn’t have such an impact,” Cooke said.

The municipality already has purchased two sections of pre-fabricated dock for the location. It also will be more accessible because there is a road going down to that area of the riverbank.

As part of the project, crews also are adding stone cobble to the area for elevation.

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