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Waste of money

Dear editor:

At the risk of alienating the Times readership, I feel compelled to pen one more letter about the Harris government’s money mismanagement.

If you have watched any Ontario-based TV channel lately, you no doubt have seen our millions of tax dollars at work in education ministry commercials. What an absolute waste of money!

They claim that finally with provincial tests, teachers can at last determine those students who are falling behind. Did the elementary and secondary teachers—over the past decades—have no means or methodology for making this determination? PLEASE!!

Furthermore, they go on to say that now that these students are identified, they can receive the much-needed remedial help in high school. The only problem is that Janet Ecker has now—through Bill 74—increased teachers’ classroom time and the number of students seen every day by 25-30, leaving virtually no time for remedial assistance.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Perhaps now that the Harris government has allowed industry to police its own pollution, maybe Minister Ecker has been breathing too much of the eastern Ontario air or drinking water from Lake Ontario.

At least the money could be better spent on buying additional outdated, failed American educational research material.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Wiedenhoeft

Fort Frances, Ont.

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