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Toll woes

Dear sir:

On Friday, Sept. 22 going to the Falls on the industrial bridge, I waited behind other cars who were parked while two semi-trailers with the right-of-way crossed the civilian traffic lane to get to their U.S. Customs checkpoint.

Then a MD&W remote control locomotive with a tank car marked “Sulphuric Acid” crossed the traffic lane. It was followed by another locomotive hauling its train to the Canadian side and we waited.

I had my window open listening to the radio but had to close it as bark or whatever moving through the lines drowns out the radio.

Like many frequent users of the bridge, I bought books of tickets to carry through the no sale period prior to swipe cards, to avoid paying through the nose at the U.S. toll booth.

One of my friends said the company was going to credit unused tickets towards the new swipe card. Could this be? Each ticket clearly state “Nonrefundable Not For Resale or Trade.”

Is this a new indication of corporate citizenship? So I checked.

“No way” I was told at Safeway!

Now my pensioner’s heart swells with pride. My $9 (Cdn.) investments in tickets will help the multi-million dollar corporations pay for a new paint job on the bridge.

The new swipe card system will assure continued profitability paid for by citizens of the Falls and Fort Frances.

However, we should not be concerned. On my return to Fort Frances, I read in the accumulated Fort Frances Times all but one of the town councillors caved in to company threats and customs pressure to accept this botched plan created in secret since 1990.

Council was assured the tolls would be reasonable, if collected over a period of 40 years, as per the Fort Frances Times report.

The new bridge committee and its successors, will have ample time to get a decent facility in place.

Yours truly

Bruno Seppala

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