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Support appreciated

Dear sir:

We would like to take this opportunity to update all the “Freedom Riders” and the people who pledged money for them.

We definitely are planning on getting the arena started next spring. We had 21 cancellations this summer because of weather so it is very necessary to continue therapeutic sessions for some of the children.

We were ready to go this past spring but budget cutbacks from the governments in both Canada and the U.S. made it impossible for us to make the payments each month for the arena without “user fees”!

So we have to go to “Plan B” to get more support from the service clubs.

At present, we are offering free riding to eight adults and two children, and reduced fees for three more. There also are a few children and adults who require financial assistance with mileage costs.

So, thank you again to all the “Freedom Riders” for making it possible to offer the services for free. Also a big thank you goes out to all the dedicated volunteers.

We also would like to give special thanks to Phil Fraser, Gayle and Chuck Arpin, Pam Munn, Garth Lockman, “XI-TAU,” the Lions Club of International Falls, and Kiwanis Club of Fort Frances for their generous donations and support.

Hopefully we’ll see you all next spring—rain or shine!


Joyce Young


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