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Bass tournament contenders for 2000-01


Every year around the same time, hundreds of fishermen wait in anticipation to see if they will be one of the teams to fish in the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship — well the names have been picked and for those of you who missed it here they are.

1. Denis Barnard and Clint Barton

2. Jim Moynagh and Joe Thrun

3. James Linder and Al Linder

4. Norm Lindsay and Jess Swenson

5. Ted Krause and Jimmy Bell

6. Kurt Johnson and Pat Jeffries

7. Denny Nelson and David Smith

8. Dave West and Tom Zenanko

9. Gary Lake and Brent Lake

10. Dave Lindsay and Colin Glutting

11. Scott Cook and Jerry Millar

12. Bruce Ness and Brad Carlson

13. Phil Killeen and Alex Keszler

14. John Craig and Mike Schulz

15. Ricky Jansen and Scott Schinderle

16. Randy Anderson and Duane Anderson

17. Rick Savage and Jim Gustafson

18. Tim Hull and Kurt Dafcik

19. John Guzej and Ted Stewner

20. Frank McClymont and Terry McClymont

21. Eric Kielb and David Hartig

22. Ron Linder and Bill Linder

23. Jeff Gustafson and Perry Dubchuk

24. Harry Bell and John Maffei

25. Scott Gobeil and Keith Cates

26. Todd Amenrud and Randy Amenrud

27. Allen Koylka and Greg Goodridge

28. Gene Boyer and Larry Hullett

29. Micheal Causyn and Aaron Causyn

30. Dean Smith and Bart Stebnitsky

31. David Struk and Rick Foster

32. Joe Freedy and Wayne Wagner

33. Cos Costa and Donna Costa

34. David Hyatt and Jeff Steinke

35. Dale Dunn and Scott Dix

36. Harvey Youngs and Brad Olson

37. Randy Paishk and Francis Kavanaugh

38. Art Fisk and Brad Doerksen

39. Heath Iacarella and Scott Walsh

40. Wayne Howard and Dean Howard

41. Greg Savino and Frankie Savino

42. Al Meline and Tom Burri

43. Fred Kelly and Jason Kelly

44. Tom Hudgins and Jeff Donegan

45. Mike Gerstner and Tom Pearson

46. Jeff Dingwall and Gord Kamedal

47. Leo Heyens and Ted Heyens

48. Larry Bollig and Jim Merhan

49. Steve Soukup and Ed Gawlik

50. Ted Olson and Bob Hell

51. Greg Stahn and Theo DeGroot

52. Greg Asplund and James Asplund

53. Joe Semler Jr. Craig Wicklund

54. Bill Bird and Dan Bird

55. John Gibbins and Reuben Gibbins

56. Scott Bonnema and Mark Fisher

57. Todd Hesse and John Hesse

58. Dick Winter and Dean Christofferson

59. Dorian Lindholm and Bill Wilcox

60. Jody Shypit and Dale LaBelle

61. Genvie Grafham and Michelle Grafham

62. Norm Klopak and Albert Trudeau

63. Rod McLeod and Randy Kirk

64. Dave Garber and Ben Garber

65. Mel Giesbrecht and Ken Welch

66. Steve Hurlburt and Tim McGarry

67. Jim Sandelovich and Paul Gosselin

68. Joe Pritchett and Hiram Archibald

69. Ted Beck and Bruce Parker

70. Andre Perrault and Charles Perrault

71. Kelvin Caul and Murray Witherspoon

72. Chris Bell and Bill McGhie

73. Dean Morken and Shawn Ossachuk

74. Bill Godin and Karl Howells

75. Steve Luhman and Glen Getschel

76. Scott Hamilton and Tony King

77. Mike Salvador and Steve Salvador

78. Bill York and Lorne McNay

79. Richard Larson and Anthony Larson

80. Guy Johnston and Doug Wright

81. Clifford Bob and Tom Copenace

82. Larry Kielczewski and Joe Kawulia

83. Rod Kitchingman and Rob Ferens

84. Mike Luhman and Mark Raveling

85. James Klick and Fletcher Klick

86. Steve Ballan and Kent Ballan

87. Kai Kamalainen and Lindsay Durno

88. Blaine Tucker and Jake Tucker

89. Norm French and Sarah French

90. Phil Bangert and Rob Plumridge

91. Bev Sandmoen and Tom Haney

92. Paul Jewiss and Dale Strachan

93. Michael Graham and Paul Visser

94. Barry Johnson and Cyndy Johnson

95. Bob Miller and Mike Bodnarchuk

96. Ken Noble Sr. and Murray Alexander

97. Ryan Lake and Keith Travers

98. Al McTaggart and Steve Gange

99. Myron Williams and Ron Mondor

100. Scott Ourada and John Allen

101. Woody Woods and Mike Lessard

102. Steve Mattson and Sean Colter

103. Rod Halliday and Chuck McCormack

104. Doug McBride and Zack McBride

105. Bill Krag and Greg O’Dahl

106. George Chabot and Jim McCutch

107. Norman Wood and Robert Chabot

108. Trevor Guderyan and Doug Lundin

109. Corey Curtis and Frank Curtis

110. Pat Steele and Ralph Galusha

111. Mark Boileau and Dave Skallet

112. Gus Murphy and John. P Willmarth

113. Trevor Clinker and Jason Cain

114. John Laub and Frankie Dusenka

115. Dennis Smith and Adam Dalum

116. Mike Teigen and Ryan Teigen

117. Mike Baranowski and Irene Baranowski

118. Ray Watson and Ann Watson

119. Tony Richards and Ken Olson

120. John Plasky and Joe Bolzan Jr.

121. Sid Leroux and Barbara Leroux

122. Gord Pyzer and Dave Smith

123. Earl Lockman and Nancy Lockman

124. Bruce Holmlund and Walter Avis

125. Mike Novak and Bill Storbeck

126. Dean McDonald and Bob McDonald

127. Rick Socholotuk and Tracy Gibson

128. Robert Simpson and Randy McNicol

129. Pat Martin and Mike Vinci

130. Steve Russ and Dennis Tyrl

If your name was not in the top 130 names and you entered your name in the draw to be placed in the tournament then your team has been placed on the waiting list.

1. Richard Rigsby and Eleanor Rigsby

2. John Ritter and Bob Calhoun

3. Vic Alberts and Jorden Zen

4. Matt Veldhuisen and Eric Veldhuisen

5. Jim Stogsdill and Steve Mattson

6. Dan Mainville and Arnold Johnson

7. Larry Bahr and Bob Gerhardt

8. Kelley Cirks and Jason Durham

9. Dave Byrnes and Greg Lundgren

10. John R. Jonousek and Chad Johnson

11. Carey Basaraba and Don Smeeth

12. Mark Schutz and Tom Schutz

13. Chris Carey and Dan Carey

14. Dean Bruyere and Chuck Quirie

15. Vince Godbout and Ron Tucker

16. Ross Crowe and Scott Crowe

17. Alan Gray and Mike Schamber

18. Dave Beazley and Rick Campanaro

19. Ken Ellis and Kevin Stephenson

20. Lee Thomson and Pamela Thomson

21. Chuck Mosbeck and Dallas Mosbeck

22. Jason Track and Raeanne O’flaherty

23. Lil Pihulak and Andrea Turgeon

24. Cory Calder and Jay Albright

25. Gord Ellis and James Smedley

26. Percy Legarde and Glen Smith

27. David Bechmann and Ron Gerdesmeier

28. Larry Buttner and Pam Buttner

29. John Roam and Bill Penrod

30. Rob Dokuchie and Bob Allen

31. Mark Stephenson and Karen Stephenson

32. Steve Lundon and Murray Wepruk

33. Roger Harrison and Dorese Harrison

34. Paul Neumann and George Liddle Jr.

35. Dean Capra and Brad Liefferman

36. Rory Durno and Bobbi Durno

37. Rob Rousseau and Gary Rogozinski

38. Darcy Faragher and Michael Jolicoeur

39. Tyson Dennis and Hugh Dennis

40. Dennis Dunn and Sean Orr

41. Jeff May and Jeff Barr

42. Bernie Zutter and John Miller

43. LeRoy Wilson and Kevin Bodnarchuk

44. Dick Fay and Todd Koehler

45. Erick Bennett and Jim Ducharme

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