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Booth wins $1,000 at talent contest


Although only 22, local singer Alyson Booth has a number of years of experience under her belt as far as performing goes.

And while she’s placed in several “Quest for the Best” competitions here, including once in first place, she and Emo pianist Michelle Sommerfield hit the jackpot last weekend by topping a talent show at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium—taking home the $1,000 prize.

Booth sang “There You Are” by Martina McBride and Céline Dion’s “Water from the Moon.”

“I found out about it through a friend, who got me the entry forms from Thunder Bay,” noted Booth. “I had entered thinking it was a talent showcase for amateur and professional performers.

“You had to send in a videotape of a performance, your picture, and an audio tape so we did. Then, I found out we got accepted two weeks ago,” she added.

The pair, along with some of Booth’s family and friends, went to the auditorium on Saturday evening, where she got a bit of a surprise.

“I didn’t know it was a contest up until 20 minutes before I got on stage,” she admitted. “We did our two songs, and then we were told we won.

“I was ecstatic,” she enthused.

The contest attracted 16 other performers, including dancers, bands, and other soloists.

“Some were really good. While others . . . well, it’s tough to compare bands versus dancers versus soloists,” noted Booth.

But more than the money (which she split with six-year collaborator Sommerfield) or the business contacts she may have made, Booth said she enjoyed performing on stage once again for her family and friends.

“When I’d seen other performers [at the auditorium], I’d close my eyes and wonder what it would be like to like to perform there myself someday.

“I’m really proud of that performance,” she remarked.

“We’re quite proud,” noted Booth’s sister, Carla Marschalk.

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