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Indoor soccer league holds first meeting


The first meeting of the inaugural Fort Frances Youth Indoor Soccer Program last Wednesday was somewhat of a success—depending on who you ask.

“It went fine,” noted Jim Curr, who will be a coach involved with the program. “I wasn’t surprised with the turnout. Actually, I was a little underwhelmed. I was hoping to get more.”

Curr said there’s still room for more kids to take part, adding he would like to see about 44 kids (22 boys and 22 girls) involved.

“It could be less—could be more. If there are really promising kids, I will keep them on longer,” Curr said. “We could go with what we have got but I would like to see more players come out.

“I am disappointed that there were not as many kids from the older groups,” he added. “To go into a tournament with a team 15 and under, well, the team is not going to have enough experience.”

For those kids who couldn’t attend last week’s inaugural meeting but still want to join, bring along your registration form and health card number to St. Francis School today (Wednesday) starting at 6:30 p.m.

“I will be phoning some players in particular to find out why they didn’t come out [last week],” said Curr. “There are a couple of kids I would like to get a hold of to see why they didn’t show up.

“Some people who didn’t come out may have had other obligations. We are hoping the kids who were there will tell their friends,” he added.

Curr also admitted some of those who showed up last week may not return.

“They might have come out thinking it was a recreational league,” he reasoned. “I hope they do [come back]. I don’t think we scared anyone off but you never know.”

Curr noted they’ll start practising tonight, and the coaches will go through a few drills, but they won’t start the formal basics until they know how many kids will be attending regularly.

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