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Former Devlin man relishing Gemini Award


Paul Anderson, who was born and raised in Devlin, recently had the honour of capturing a Gemini Award.

As art director for C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Anderson and a team of animators and writers won the best animated series award for their children’s show, “Angela Anaconda.”

Currently residing in Toronto, Anderson, whose parents, John and Ann-Jane now live in Emo, has been working for the digital animation and effects company for three years.

“Angela Anaconda” is their newest fully-animated series with Decode Entertainment for the Fox (U.S.) and Teletoon (Canada) networks.

The show, which features a third-grade girl and her wild imagination, is created out of 2D cut-and-paste photography and computer animation.

But this isn’t the first time Anderson has won an award for his animation and art direction. While a student at Sherdian College in 1997, he won second prize for his MuchMusic animated promo.

“It was an animated clip where a guy walks up to an ATM machine and gets a bunch of piercing on his face,” Anderson noted. “They aired it for two years.

“I think they have still aired it a few times since then, too.”

For Anderson, winning a Gemini was both a professional honour and an opportunity to rub shoulders with Canadian celebrities he has always admired.

“Of everyone there, I was really happy to get a chance to talk with Peter Jordan,” Anderson admitted. “I grew up watching his show.”

Jordan is best known for his show, “It’s A Living,” on the CBC, where he steps into the shoes of an average working person to spend one day doing their job.

Anderson and C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures also was nominated for an Emmy last summer.

“‘Angela Anaconda’ was up for best animated series at the Emmy awards but we ended up losing out to the other Canadian children’s show, ‘Roli Poli Oli,’” he noted.

“After we were nominated for the Emmy, we were pretty sure that we would be up for the Gemini award,” he added.

Still, Anderson was still excited when news of their nomination came.

“When we were notified that we had been nominated for the award, we were very excited,” he remarked. “To be recognized by Canadians involved in and familiar with the industry is big.”

Now into their second season of the show, Anderson still can’t believe the success it has garnered in such a short time.

“Everything that has happened is much more than we ever expected,” he admitted. “I can tell you that everyone in the office has had the award on their desk at one time or another. We were very happy to win.”

And with “Angela Anaconda” having been renewed for a third season, Anderson now is looking to move on to another project.

“I am going to be working on a children’s movie of the week,” he said. “We haven’t started yet but I am looking forward to the new project.”

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