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Choice is ours

To the editor:

Once again, the Canadian public is faced with another federal election, and this election, if polls can be believed, is between the Liberals and the Canadian Alliance.

These parties are very different and so are their policies.

We will have to choose between the Liberals who, in 1995, cut $25 billion out of the Canadian health care system and allowed the beginning of two-tier health care.

They allowed our military to be degraded to a dangerous level, and allowed millions—and maybe billions—to be squandered in the jobs grant fiasco.

They promised to get rid of the GST and change the Young Offenders Act, but did neither. Their policies are seen in Canada, and around the world, as soft on crime as seen by the increase in biker gangs and terrorist organizations.

Their answer to violent crime is not more jail time for violent offenders but to punish honest Canadians with Bill C-68 (gun control legislation).

They have cut taxes only minimally, and at the present rate, it will take 120 years to pay down the federal debt.

This party is led by a prime minister who bullies his MPs to vote the way he wants them to rather than support their constituents. He also has a credibility problem as the RCMP are investigating five job grants in his own riding, as well as a water fountain worth millions in his riding that he makes no apologies for.

As for our local MP, he is nothing more than a toady for the prime minister. In the Bill C-68 fiasco, he had a chance to show what he was made of—a chance to stand up to the prime minister and represent the people in his riding.

He chose to say the heck with the people in my riding, I’ll side with the prime minister and someday I’ll be a minister—and he was right!

On the other hand, we can vote for the Alliance. Sure, they’re a relatively new party. Yes, the leader is new to federal politics and some MPs are sure to be inexperienced.

But they do promise to put the $25 billion the Liberals took out of health care back now, and pass legislation so no government can ever do that again.

They promise to abolish Bill C-68. They promise more free votes in Parliament, and to restore democracy to government.

They also promise to reduce government waste and reduce taxes, giving half the surplus back to Canadian taxpayers, as Canadians with more money to spend will create far more jobs than the federal government.

They also will get tough on violent and organized crime, and rebuild our depleted military.

The choice is ours—the past or the future.


Don Canfield

Fort Frances, Ont.

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